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Writer's Resources


Stephen King on Writing, A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

ISBN: 0-434-5596-7

Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego, and the Twilight Zone Case by Stephen Farber and

Marc Green

ISBN: 0-877-95948-X

The Total Film-Maker by Jerry Lewis

ISBN: 0-394-46757-4



Browse and enter the world’s best film festivals and contests, including 77 Academy Award / BAFTA Award accredited festivals worldwide. Add your project once, select your favorite festivals, and click to submit. It's that easy and quick. And, good luck!


They've been around for over 90 years. Head over to Writer's Digest to improve your writing, take educational Webinars, read helpful articles, and take advantage of their many resources.


Jane helps authors understand the publishing business and more. She's a wealth of information to budding and established writers. She offers many services. What are you waiting for? Go check her out. You won't be disappointed.


To copyright your screenplay, go to their site and register by clicking on the box "Register." Then click on "Performing Arts". If you find following their directions daunting, you can watch the YouTube video "How to Register a Screenplay with the U.S. Copyright Office (Step-By-Step)."






Final Draft screenwriting software. After all these years, Final Draft is still the choice of studios and production companies worldwide." Go to their Web site for a free 30-day trial.


The Institute for Writers helps people learn to write and get published. Their courses are college-level and students receive one-on-one guidance for each assignment.


They are all about sustainable soap & bodycare products. Soap as a resource? Yep. Love their feature where they allow you to pick your product, choose your ingredients, personalize, and choose your price. I created my own LEMONCHOULI and LE LE LI-ME body bars. They are oh-so creamy, smell terrific, and last long. What else could a creative writer ask for? "Peace, Love & Lather."


The Rocketbook system connects traditional handwriting surfaces with the power of the cloud.

Rocketbook is the endlessly reusable intelligent notebook (they also have planners and pads) where you can also send your handwritten notes, sketches, graphs, drawings, etc. to your favorite cloud services. The mini stays in my bag, the notebook near my laptop.


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