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Book of Nyx

(A short film.)

Written & directed by

Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
A Greek Girl Film
& Erik S. Galuppo / Luppo Media

Watch the trailer now.


The Audience Award for Best Short Trailer

Anon Film Festival

(2016) Derbyshire, UK


Winner - 4th Place

The Indie Gathering  International Film Festival (2016) Cleveland, OH

Certificate of Merit

International New York Film Festival

(2016) New York, NY

Honorable Mention Award 

Amarcord Arthouse Television & Video Fest (2016) Chicago, IL

Officially Selected by:

Monmouth Film Festival

(2016) Red Bank, NJ 

Los Angeles Cinefest

(2016) Los Angeles, CA

TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival

(2016) Glasgow, Scotland

Brisbane Backyard Film Festival

(2016) Brisbane QLD, Australia

Filmmakers Global Movie Trailer Festival

(2016) Beverly Hills, CA





A whiskey-drinking Southern preacher

- who dabbles in magic tricks - tries to save his Negro chambermaid from the noose.

            Photo Gallery

On the set of "Book of Nyx."

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